Thursday, August 30, 2007


My should hurts, my arm feels vaguely numb and I got a filling fixed today. All very exciting. Makes me want to take a nap actually. Well at least I got the tooth fixed, I'd lost half a filling somehow and it was making me crazy(er). I think the shoulder problem is from my desk being too high. I've dropped my tablet onto a box in the draw which I hooope is a better high. My wrist feels better anyway. Maybe I just slept funny, who knows really. I didn't get any unpacking or cleaning done today. Such is life. I did get a whole bunch of walls washed and holes puttied yesterday. Why oh why oh why are there so many holes in my walls? Geez, seriously on some of the walls I fixed over 20 little pin holes. Oh vell.

In other news, you can buy my garden necklace on Etsy (clicky click) now! Hooray! Go get something pretty and help a poor unemployed girl out. By the way, no news on the job front as my interview got moved to Tuesday. No Starbucks till Tuesday. Because driving 40 minutes each way just to get a Matcha Frappe is irresponsible. Or is it?