Sunday, September 23, 2007

DIY Window Fun

Tools Needed
-Contact Paper (like MacTac). I used a frosted glass look. My design used 3/4m.
-Measuring Tape
-Scissors or Craft Knife
-Window Cleaner
-Credit Card

1) Find a boring window. Look how boring my window is. And it's a townhouse, which makes it all the more tragic. I like to stand out a bit.

2) Spread the Contact Paper out on a table, backing side up. Use the pencil to draw the design you want. I chose bamboo because it's just a really easy set of shapes. If you aren't the artsy fartsy type, you could trace a design or use a stencil. A stencil would work really well. Use the measuring tape naturally to make sure that your amazing design will fit well.

3) Cut the shapes out. If you are afraid that you'll get them mixed up you can number them, or stick them up as you go. I used scissors, but next time I'm going to try harder to find my pretty craft knife. Hard on the hand with all the cutting.

4) Clean the window, we will be sticking them on the inside of the window, but I cleaned both sides because the outside was nasty. Please ignore the streaks in the photos, geez, flash makes them look a lot worse.

5) Unpeel the bottom of the first shape and carefully stick it to the window. Then use the credit card to smooth the rest of it down to avoid bubbles. The backing will push off as you go. Repeat with the remaining shapes.

6) Enjoy your pretty window! Boring no more!

Oh hey look, it's me :) Hiiii. And I actually did one stalk on the other window too, but it didn't photograph well through the screen.