Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Five

So, starting a new job doesn't seem as hard as it was last time I did it. I guess it's due to a few things: 1) I already knew two of my bosses...and they like me. 2) I'm pretty confident in my abilities. 3) At my last job there was such a stupidly high turnover rate that we had new people every week practically. So I'm fine with just jumping in and making friends...I just need to learn how to apply that to the rest of my brain.

Also, a few people have mentioned that I seem really positive about my craptastic hours. That's because I don't really like being depressed. It's not in my nature. So I'm done with it. And I usually am happy at work because...I'm working! Thanks to everyone who's been praying for me, I still need it! Hopefully that other pool comes through because...well I need money.

On that note, here's my Friday Five...full of things I can't afford but are still pretty!

1)Hudson Furniture. They do these great pieces with huge hunks of wood in them...check out the beds too, so pretty.

2)Topograhy Plate by Kyouei Design. The description reads "please pour the soup into this plate. mountain range and a lake are completed.
and the bottom of a lake appears when you eat the soup.
please enjoy the taste, the landscape and topography of the plate.
when you use it as a salad dish, it becomes a forest.
you can create a landscape on your very own table."

3)Dozi Paperclip Holder by Moma...look, it's a porcupine!

4)Lanterns by notNeutral....preeeetty.

5)Lili and Oscar by United Pepper. Look! Lili is a webcam and Oscar is a usb hub, so cute!