Sunday, September 16, 2007

Save the World Sunday

So I am pretty happy at the moment because it seems pretty likely that the pool here will hire me to work days when the preggy girl goes on her mat leave. So keep praying and hoping for me, because that would be a whole lot better than the current situation. Although, I'm kinda in love with grocery shopping in Nelson...the Safeway is all new and shiny and Starbucksed up, the Save on Foods is super fantastic produce-wise...yellow zucchini, kale, fennel, all the other pretty things I love. And then there's the Kootenay Co-op and the french's just fantastic. And I still don't get why all the grocery stores here suck. Why? Oh well, I'll still go over every other week or so to visit my Gramma, so I can pick up groceries then :P.

Speaking of groceries, what I'm working on at the moment is less packaging for my groceries. I'm trying really hard to buy food that is:
-In bulk, so I can reuse the bags and put the food in a container at home.
-Recyclable containers, glass if possible.
-In largish quantities so as to have less individual packages.
-Paper bags when I can

Also I am buying yogurt in big tubs instead of little minis and pudding in a mix so I can split them up into reusable containers at home. Because I like them for lunches.

This also helps with the poverty budget.

Any other suggestions to cut down on packaging? I already use fabric shopping bags. And I bought two reusable insulated bags so my cold stuff survives the commute.