Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Five!

Mommy, my bread keeps not rising well. Why?

Also, I did I super fun craft project today that I will post for you guys tomorrow, but for today, here's my Friday Five:

1) Pebble Rug by 2 Form Design (via lifeiscarbon). It's made out of wool. I love it.

2)Designer Computer Mice by MouseEnvy. The koi is my favourite of course.

3)Pigeon Vase by Three Potato Four. For my white ceramic love.

4)In Touch Message Board by Philips. So it's a mirror, and the you touch it and it becomes a message boards where you can either leave a text message or record a video message of yourself. I think. The future is now!

5)Wonderful Graffiti - so the idea is that they print words for you to stick on your walls. Like decals but it's completely customizable with size, colour, font and all. And the playroom interface is very fun, you can make a virtual room to match your place and then try out different designs in it, and it tells you how much it will cost as you go. Cool beans. I love words on walls.