Monday, September 10, 2007

Life life life

Hrm. Well this weekend was lovely, my new cousin is adorable of course (as my auntie says, we don't make ugly babies in this family). She's only two weeks old and is all little and squishy still. It was also nice just to hang out at my parents' for a bit. I can kinda pretend I'm still a kid when I'm there. Plus I got raspberry pancakes, so it's a pretty good deal.

Sunday morning I caught a ride home with my aunt and uncle as one of my cousins had a football game nearby. I was a little loopy on the sleeping pills (I've been having a rough sleep time lately...the stressyness is getting into my subconcious) which was unfortunate as I only had time to walk in the door, give Craig a kiss, grab my bag and drive to Nelson to the pool for orientation. 40 min drive while slightly loopy along amusing BC roads is not recommended. I am however, alive and well.

The training went well, it's a nice pool, very positive and well organized. However, I'm averaging less than 10 hours a week, and with a 40 min commute it's not enough. Thus the stressyness. I've been going a bit crazy actually, but I'm feeling okay at the moment. They think it will pick up quite a bit next month and a couple guards are leaving, so finger's crossed. It's all based on senority, which is a bit tough as my 9 year of experience don't count for anything. And I need money. Oh well, we'll see what happens, maybe I'll land a job closer to home yet.

Nothing much else to say, other than that Last Bite by Nancy Verde Barr is a very enjoyable book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light and amusing romancy/mystery style book. Or if you are a foodie. Makes me wish I were Italian.


PS, I have a 1/2 litreish water bottle in my toilet tank. Full of water. Helps the toilet use less water and it all runs the same. For saving the world yesterday and all.