Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Confession Time

I have been watching Sailor Moon on youtube. A few a day. I like something to watch while I draw okay?

In other news:

-Craig discovered facebook a few days ago and is now addicted. He can't stop playing the music quiz. He actually played it for a whole evening instead of WOW.

-I gave notice at my Nelson job. This working all the time thing? Not for me.

-I didn't sleep last night. At all. Then I got out of bed at 5:00 to drive to work. Haven't even been able to nap today. Yuck.

-I made the best cookies ever. Oatmeal coconut chocolate chip.

-Oh and this morning. At 5? I rolled down my windows to wipe the condensation off. Then one of them fell off it's track and wouldn't go all the way up. So I drove 40 minutes before 6am in the freezing misty darkness with my passenger window partway down and the heat on full blast. I was such a happy lifeguard this morning. Craig got it up, but not fixed.

-We have to get the car inspected this week to get our insurance switched! Ahahaha! *cries*

-The cat next door wants to be my cat, she ran inside my house while I was checking the mail and resisted arrest for quite a while.

-I got my birthday present and payment for webpage design from Jen (and Joel) today in the mail. Yay! It was a cool local trails books and some pretty pretty beading supplies.

-Last Saturday was trash or treasure day in Nelson and I was driving about (to visit Gramma)when I saw a purple exercise ball on the curb. I immediately swerved over and picked it up. Then on the way home I started to have treasure hunter's remorse. Where in my tiny house would this huge ball live? So I just drove around with it in the car for three days until I told Craig who said "Giant ball! Why is that not in the house yet?! Go get it!" Anyway now it lives at the top of the stairs. I shall use it to get fabulously fit. Sometime. I sure hope it was really trash or treasure day, otherwise I'm just a common exercise equipment thief.

-I am going to be a gothic angel for halloween. Because that's what I had around the house. Is that strange? Stupid pool events, I don't even like halloween.

Well, that's all I have time for, gotta get back to Sailor Moon. Erm, I mean drawing.