Thursday, October 25, 2007



Also I was a bit down today (sleepy and chills and just uck) so I went shopping to cheer myself up. Ended up being food shopping, because that's the best kind. I got tea (I know I know, but I had to) at the Kootenay Co-op, mmm....soo many nice loose leaf bulk choices but I only got Mocha Mint and Rose Black. I had the Mocha Mint this evening and it is so yummy. I also got Craig and I each an organic chai flavoured chocolate bar. Mmmmmm. Then I went to the french bakery and got a corn rosemary baguette (it was a risotto night, so I need some yummy bread), and a chunk of Manchego cheese. It's my first sheep's cheese and I really liked it. It's a hard cheese, but kind of mild and creamy. Then of course I had to get a bottle of wine...because apparently the meal required it. The guy was trying to be helpful:

liquor guy: Looking for anything

me: white wine...cheapish but good

lg: what are you having it with

me: risotto

lg: ah, well this one is nice with pasta, especially creamy pasta

me: hrrrm yes and I also got some sheep cheese

lg: oh goat cheese!

Yeah, so he wasn't the most food smart person I've met today, but the wine was still good. Is it wrong to love food so much?

*looks up the stairs at the lonely excercise ball*