Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not Dead

Seriously, I'm still here I promise, just...still stressy. And this needs to stop because I am totally not a stressy person. This last week I've had to work everyday (yes that was ten days on one day off eight days one :P) two nights were pool Halloween parties, one for each pool. You might be thinking "Aw, how fun!". Now picture 300+ children all hyped up on sugar all running around and screaming like little animals. While you try to entertain them with a game of pin the nose on the pumpkin. A paper pumpkin. At the pool. All while hoping that no one will drown and force you to jump in in your fabulous Gothy Angel costume (all the little girls looooved me). Argh. And then tonight is real Halloween. And I work of course. So probably no one but the JW's will come but I'm still wearing my fairy wings. It's a dilemma I have, I don't really celebrate Halloween...and yet I love to dress up. Ah well.

Also my car insurance is a bit of a nightmare...but I don't feel like talking about it at the moment.

However, on the plus side, I have actual days off work starting tomorrow. Hooray! And my parents are coming to visit/rescue me. So all will be well. Am, I'll have you pic done by Sunday at the latest, but if I have as productive a day tomorrow as I have today you might see it by tomorrow night!

Also, I am on episode 40 of Sailor Moon already. Erm, Craig is embarrassed for me.