Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear World

I am on day 5 of 10 before I get a day off. My body seems to expect tomorrow off. It will be sadly disappointed. Hopefully soonly however I can cut down to just one job. There's a good chance I won't get the promotion I'm shooting for, but either way a whole person is leaving so I should get more hours. Which would be fantastic.

Sooo...I haven't been posting much (or drawing much, or cleaning much...) because I'm just a bit burned out over here. I know some people work split shifts at two jobs all the time, but I don't know how they do it. So I've been doing more lazyish things. Here's what I love this week:

To drink: Pumpkin pie blended creme frappechino light. Mmmm, delicious. Much better than the pumpkin pie blizzard which is not so good.

To watch: Pushing Daisies. That show is sooo cute. I recommend especially to Barb. It's kinda fun like Amelie. But in english. Whatever, just look it up.

To listen to: Within Temptation...particularly the song "in our solemn hour" Girly gothy goodness.

To read Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs. Kait, you should read it. Well you should read the first one, but I didn't and was fine. Good book.

To admire: Dan Don Santos. Oil painter. Brilliant. (did the cover for blood bound, so it was doubly good :P)

What do you like this week?

PS to mom: Your layout looks very nice, I'm impressed by the bold colours :P

PS to the Muellers: I'm using my artistic licence and having your kids smile in the picture. Just a little.