Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Five

So today is a pretty good day although it had a bit of a rough start. I had to work the closing shift in Nelson and then open here. So that was getting home by 11 and leaving home by 5:30. You do the math. And naturally I didn't fall asleep until 1:30. But the day improved from there. I taught my first Aquafit class in Castlegar this morning (although, my 4th this week...I should be getting in shape or something) and it went quite well. It was mostly seniors and I know how to worm my way into their affections. And I was off by ten so it's almost like having a day off. Only I'm really tired. Took one nap, contemplating a second...

My big plans for the day include cleaning the kitchen. And then making it dirty again with some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmmmm.

1)Storm in a teacup!

2)Wonderwalls wallpaper. I just have to say that this is the cutest wallpaper ever.

3)Atelier LZC, pretty posters, tea towels, stationary....ect...

4)Sunshine in a Jar. Because I was trying to explain it to Barb. Is Barb still around? Maybe I should have waited.

5)Foundlings from Huggaplanet. They are all organic and for saving the world and whatnot. But especially, they are cute.