Friday, October 19, 2007

Me again.

Just thought I should take a minute to plug a couple artists I've recently bought things from...(psst, artist nuddyness warning in the galleries...nothing untasteful though)

Shatia Hamilton (aka Nashya), did this beautiful bust of my character Hanasu for me. Yes yes she looks vaguely creepy...but she does in my pictures too so what can you do? This is my first bought with money commission and I couldn't be happier with it.

Also, I needed a mouse pad. See, I don't use my mouse that much, but I do need it for my second monitor. My tablet only reads the main monitor to keep the proportions right, otherwise I can't draw very well. So I just had the mouse up on the desk but then when I was de-glooming my computer corner (note to self, make de-glooming post) I covered the desk with a pretty scarf from my sister in law. Yeah the mouse doesn't roll on that. And I don't like most standard mouse pads...they're all bubbles and kittens and whatnot (I should mention that Craig's mouse pad is the map for World of Warcraft. Naturally). So I went on deviantart and found that one of my favourite paintings is printed as a mouse pad. So I ordered "Wrath" by Marta Dahlig (aka Blackeri). And it came in the mail today! Hooray! My mouse rejoiceth!

It's a cropped version of this:

If that doesn't inspire me, I don't know what will!
Support your friendly internet artists!