Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So we just had Thanksgiving up here in Canadaland. I had to work Saturday and Sunday so we got in the car 8:30ish Sunday night and drove down to the parents for one little day of Thanksgiving. We had much yummy food (mmmm pumpkin pie....) and other good things like a walk out in the wetlands.

Craig and Dad were very distracted by all the trees and birds and whatnot, but the real fun? Obviously caterpillars! Soo cute and fuzzy, we must have seen 10 or more.

The leaves are starting to go, but there's still lots of green. And the snow is lurking up on the mountains, ready to pounce.

Before we left we went out to the fields in search of mushrooms. (I must mention that I do not have a bloody hand! I was cooking beets :P)

Mmmm, now I just need to decide what to do with them. What's your favourite mushroom dish?

All in all, a very nice little mini holiday. I'm thankful to live closer to my parents again!