Monday, December 17, 2007

Blog Tour: Wayfarer's Journal

So this month on the CSFF Blog Tour we are visiting the Ezine: The Wayfarer's Journal. This is a Christian Science Fiction site with both short stories and poetry.

Here's a snippet from the site:

" Wayfarer’s Journal (, a new science fiction e-zine, was launched in February 2007. The publication focuses on publishing science fiction stories with a “spiritual dimension.”

“By spiritual we don’t mean preachy,” comments Wayfarers editor Terri Main. “We mean stories which not only project the reader into the future technologically, but see how those changes impact the morality, ethics and spirituality of believable characters.” "

Tomorrow I will talk site design (because I am obligated to) and I shall try to do some reading to give you a recommendation by Wednesday.

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