Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Windows

A couple windows I painted up at work last week. It took less then 24 hours for some punk kids to scrap their initials in it. @$*!@&$^&!!

Dum de dum, still getting ready for Christmas. I want to do some baking on...Wednesday probably as we're going snowshoeing tomorrow with a couple of Craig's school buddies (heaps and heaps of lurverly snow out there). And I have some sewing and lots of wrapping still. And maybe a couple more stocking stuffers. Other than that I'm all done my shopping.

We went to Nelson on Friday and walked up and down Baker Street with me showing Craig all the things I thought were pretty. Then I went to visit my pool buddies so he could buy me presents and hide them in the trunk. This system works for both of us. Then we went up to Hohns because my Mom and Barb & Blair were up so we got Gramma and had an early Christmas party because Gramma won't be able to travel out to our real Christmas Eve party. Which will be on the 28th. Don't ask. Anyway we had heaps of yummy greek food and played Pit at the top of our lungs. Then the next day I went shopping with Barb for a bit and then went to work. As I did yesterday. Also went to a friends Christmassy party. Then today was Aquafit, touching up my window painting, and then working on a commission all afternoon. I'm a busy little bee :)