Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Moving on up in the world

Hello all :)

So I live in a row of five townhouses, and they're all owned by the same person. That person (I have no idea who, they live in Vancouver) has decided to try and sell them all individually. Thus we have two or three people a week wandering through our house. This is mildly annoying and has been going on for a couple months now, with a break over Christmas. Usually we aren't home, but I always feel the need to clean up because...I don't want strangers seeing my dirty house. This makes Craig crazy. He says "who cares what total strangers think of our house?!"

Um, I do?

Anyway this is less annoying now (we've had two viewings this week) because you know what? My house isn't dirty anymore! Huzzah!

So yesterday Real Estate Lady (who I had not met) came through with a prospective buyer while I was home. They were quite nice and we chatted for a little bit. Prospective Buyer Lady commented on the size of my monitor (because Audrey is HUGE) and I mentioned that I need a large monitor(s) because I'm an illustrator/graphic designer and she said that she's looking for a graphic designer to help with a webpage she's working on. :) So I gave her my card and hope to hear from her soon. How's that for lazy networking? I didn't even need to take off my slippers.

Also, we got talking about house cleaning and I told them about flylady and they both wanted the link, very amusing.

In other news, they posted the updated seniority list at work, and guess what? I am no longer at the bottom! There are three whole people with less accumulated hours than me. This is not a huge deal but it does mean that a)The high schoolers can't boss me around anymore (although I had pretty much broken them of that habit) aaaand b) if I work with any of those three people, I get a dollar an hour more, as supervisor.

Also, it just feels good to be #8 of 11 instead of #11 of 11.

Still drawing lots, and working on the forum, I'll have a new illustration done hopefully in a day or two, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the forum: