Wednesday, March 05, 2008

On my Desk Wednesday

So I'm joining kootoyoo's weekly On My Desk photo meme. Here's my workspace (in this case the kitchen table as my actual desk is very full of computerness). You can see that I am still very slowly sewing my first ever dress. It is, by the way, the Azalea pattern that you can download for free from Burda Style. Also I got my letterpress print from Ink and Wit today. Hoooray. Oooh, look, they match!

In other news...

- It is so nice out today. Makes me happy, I'll have to go for a walk later.
- I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I'll have to go for a walk later.
- My tooth is finally mostly better after two days of pain. Apparently one of my wisdom teeth is tired of being dormant. Which is unfortunate as I have no dental at the moment (go back to sleep little tooth!)
- Did I mention that it is Spriiiiiiiing!?