Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rock Garden

So when we were packing my gramma's apartment up a few months ago (she's still with us, but can't live on her own anymore) I grabbed this little dessert tray. Not sure why, it just appealed to me. Then I stuck it in a box. Then I started purging and found the box again and put it out on the counter to stare at. I was staring at it while doing dishes with Craig the other night, and he said, quite reasonably "Why don't you put a rock garden in it?"

And I thought...why don't I?

So it's a combination of reindeer moss, rocks from rock collection (I mean I purge and all...but you can just get rid of rocks....right?) and some little things that used to live in a zen garden. It makes a cute little two tiered miniture landscape living on my end table.