Friday, April 25, 2008

Flickr Friday Five

So yesterday I picked Jen up at the airport (because her plane was finally able to land, the day before it had been turned back due to our snoooow) and we had great fun for about an hour until I had to work. On the way to the car I stumbled on the curb and rolled my ankle. And it hurt like craaaap. And today? Still sore, as well as slightly swollen. Probably shouldn't have taught that aquafit class...or stood on it for hours. But you know what? I only have a week of work left and I really can't afford any time off. That's right, this time next week I will be in Victoria on holidayness (hooray) and then over to Creston. Hopefully I will be done packing.

Anyway, my usual sources were not inspiring me today, so here's five pretty pictures from Flickr for you.

1)Pincushions by Hillary Lang

2)Pretty pretty softie blocks by knitstyle

3)Gorgeous pottery by Karin Erikkson

4)I would go live in lovely days' studio...only I don't know her so it might be awkward.

5)Fancy shoes no. 1 from The Small Object.