Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On my desk...

Okay so this is not my desk...because it's surrounded by boxes...thus I have been sewing on my couch while watching America's Next Top Model (by the way, this season's girls are not so nice...why can't they get along? Haha, but I like how the plus size girl bakes and makes yummy food that only she'll eat). So here's my sewing's almost like a desk...

Also, I recently did a layout for the Lister's. I love the colours, but then it's no surprise as I love everything with chocolate brown.

Oh oh, and my ipod? I thought it was dead but it suddenly started working again! Hoooooray!

Anyway, off to pack and such. Try to get my house in order before I pick Jen up at the airport this afternoon.

So how are all you lovely peoples? What projects are you working on?