Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hooray for sunshine!

Because it's not to be taken for granted this spring! Yesterday had a whole lot of snow all morning long. Aaand I had to wake up at 5...only I set my alarm wrong so luckily I woke up at 5:30 (did I just say luckily and 5:30 in the same sentence? Frightening) which meant that the whole day was a right off. I simply cannot handle waking up early, it doesn't work for me. I was tired and loopy all day and spent an hour working on an illustration...and then pretty much scrapped it all. I will be happy to not have to wake up at 5 this summer.

Also, my house is no longer clean. It's tragic but unavoidable by this point :( Argh for packing. As well as Argh for trying to use up all the food in your fridge when you've already packed 1/3 of your kitchen...

I have a whole bunch of circles cut out to make bookmarks with, as craftiness seems to work better than drawing. Pretty much everything I've drawn this week has been crap, which reminds me that this happened last time I moved too...my muse doesn't much like upheavile I guess.

Um, enough rambling from me?