Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's the coldest spring in 40 years!

Hooray for climate change! *shakes fist at the cars going by*

So here is the news:

- Craig has a job! Hoooray! He is a naturalist at the Creston Wildlife Centre starting May 5. As he is there any time he can manage when we are in Creston, he's pretty excited to get paid to hang out there all summer. Tragically the pay is not huge, but the excellent paid summer jobs in his field seem to require him to be away living in a tent for 4 months, and we just aren't down with that.

- Still packing...mostly to put in storage. I'm running out of boxes but I should be able to get more tomorrow. It's tricky in a town this size, you need to know when stores get shipments. I miss Chapters, they had the best boxes. Well I miss Chapters anyway :(

- If I don't get my job this summer (and they were sposed to call me on Wednesday, so I'm guessing I did not) then I will be going out to Victoria with my mom to visit Joel and Jen, which makes me very happy. I love Victoria, and last time I was there (too long ago :() they were working the whole time and we didn't get to hang out much. Not so this time so it should be tons of fun.

- I like listening to Antony and the Johnsons this week.

- I only have ten days left till I'm done days of actual work I think? That's craziness! If you know someone who needs some webpage work done this summer, send them over to me :)

Craig and I have been playing scrabble with each other over facebook throughout the day. It's very amusing. So far he's won.

- I found this very amusing photographer Yeondoo Jung who did a series where he took kids drawings and redid them as photos. They are delightful. You should definitely go over and see them all, but here's one of my favs: