Monday, April 14, 2008


Sorry about the lack of postage. I've been generally rather stressy/sleepy/depressed/headachy/heartburny of late and honestly, I don't write this blog to whine so I just didn't write.

I have started packing. Well, I got boxes. That's a start. I've been avoiding it because packing means remembering that I don't know what's going on but really, there's about a 90% chance that we will be hanging at my parents farm this summer...I just don't know when we will get there or where (and in my case if) we will be working. I called the pool today and was told that they hadn't called me about the Program Coordinator position because they still weren't sure if they were going to hire seasonally or permanently (it's an outdoor pool but they're building an indoor one) but that if they did decide to hire me I would start the beginning of May. Yes the May coming up in a couple weeks. I requested that they let me know soon. And I've decided that if I don't get that job I will not lifeguard (because outdoor pools give me daily heat stroke) but instead take a leave of absence from my current job, thus keeping my seniority. And focus on my illustration/designness. Confused yet?

So I have a plan A and a plan B and I kinda like them both so I'm good. Now we just need Craig to get figured out.

I hate packing, by the way.

Oh and because I missed my Friday Five, here's something pretty for you all, I found a fun new fabric designer to drool over today, so go look. If you like fabric. Or design: Joel Dewberry