Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catch-up and Craigdarroch Castle

Yeesh I am way behind here still, too many adventures. We are home...which is not quite home as we're living in a motor home on my parents farm for the summer. I'm taking a bit of a break right now but am currently setting up our office in one of their spare rooms. Can't wait to have my computer up and running again so I can get back to work on my projects. Hrm, so I'll give you the week in reverse:

Yesterday: Cleaned the Motor home out from top to bottom, let the bugs know that we will be living there now, not them...eeeew. Got most of our stuff put away and did some cleaning in the main house for mom. When Craig got home we drove out to Duck Lake...we figure we saw over 30 birds but I was mostly excited because I saw a muskrat, and all the geese have fluffy little babies trailing after them.

Monday: Driiiiving. It was a long day.

Sunday: We were sposed to go sailing for Mother's Day and we were all really excited. Unfortunately when we called to confirm that morning it turned out that there was too much wind :( So instead we went to the museum and the Imax. The museum has a exhibit on right now about War Brides. The artist is the daughter of a war bride and painted 81 portraits based on the wedding photos of women who married Canadian soldiers and moved here after the war. The portrait were beautiful and the stories were very interesting. Honestly it got me pretty chocked up. The rest of the museum was pretty impressive as well. The Imax movie was about the ocean off the South African Coast and was really cool. Also Dad cooked up some fresh scallops and halibut. Amazing.

Saturday: Craig and Dad flew in and we went to Beacon Hill Park. I saw a sea otter and we watched in for a bit, sooo cute.

Friday: Mom and I went to Buchart Gardens. I took my Canon and took three rolls of film. I'll post my favs up later. It was a lot of fun, really beautiful.

Thursday: Well my last post covered some of Thursday. Mom and I just had a lot of fun running around's some more photos for you (the photos, when will they stop? Okay there's a lot so I'll save some for tomorrow)

Craigdarroch Castle: This was built in the Edwardian Era and was the largest private residence in BC, later it was a military hospital for years, then a college, and is currently being restored. It's amazing inside, all wood paneling and Art Deco accents, but it was pretty dark so I won't subject you to my photos.