Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five!

Sorry that I neglected you guys last Friday while I was away (still so many photos I haven't posted...should just figure out how to link you guys to my facebook gallery...jen?). But I'm back on my own computer (oh Audrey...I'll never leave you again!) and have found much funness for you all today.

1)Polar Bear Plushie by Fantastic Toys

2)Beauty art print by Hammerpress. This really appeals to me. Birthday anyone?

3) Fern Animals by Ashley Anna Brown are a bit strange and a lot delightful. Check out this little lion with a hoodie (at least I think it's a lion...)

4)This beautiful necklace by Cursive Design is meant to look like droplets of water on twigs. I love it so much, such a unique idea.

5)Cloudberry Napkins and Placemats are just two of the wonderful things you can find at LU Prints