Thursday, May 01, 2008

mmmm hot chocolate

well my house is officially 95% packed...which is as good as it's getting tonight. I'm leaving at six (uck) o'clock in the morning to go to Victooooria for a week and a half. I will try and check in but I don't know how much I will post. I have big plans for such things as:

-shopping! Want some trail runners (shoes) and a new hat...maybe a new shiiirt.

-embroidery! taking along a project which I will show you later and also bought some new needles to use with beads...because I love beads but can't seem to use them up in jewelry and can't seem to stop buying them.

-girl talk! 14 hours in the car with my mom and sister in law. And her cat. Don't know how that will go...

-photography! Hopefully going to the Buchart Gardens...and the beach...

-Saaaailing! And by then Craig and my dad will be out. They're flying down to spend the last weekend with us and driving back. Which will be nice as I'll have someone to snuggle with for the 14 hours home.

In the meantime, here's a speedpaint I did tonight: