Monday, July 14, 2008

A bird in the hand is worth four in a bonsai tree.

Can you tell I need an iron? This was done for the art event I was at about it here.

Today I mailed off some prints and attempted to learn about the Canadian Postal System. I costs more for me to send a package to next door than to Florida. Please explain this to me.

Also I attacked my basil patch and made three batches of pesto. I blanched the leaves as I heard it would help retain the colour and the pesto is so pretty and green. I froze it flat and thin in three ziplocks with instructions on them (please add 1/2 cup pasta water and 1/2 cup parm) so that makes three suppers this winter that I don't have to think about! I plan to keep pestoing every week until I can pesto no more.

I really love basil.