Sunday, July 13, 2008


Greetings and good day to you all. Here is a recap of my days since last we spoke (wrote? read?).

- Thursday.
Thursday I spent most of the day designing my bird plushies. They are, by the way, fantastic. I printed off enough fabric to make 4 owls and 4 bluebirds. Good times. Pretty much...that was what I did all day. Then I stared at the ceiling decided the best way to sew them when I should have been sleeping. Also I agonized over whether to go to Cranbrook or not as I no longer had a ride. Decided not to.

- Friday.
Woke up. Drove to Cranbrook. The mind, it changes. I bought photo paper, magnet paper, window cling paper, ink, a magnetic white board, blue ribbon, orange ribbon, brown ribbon, and Love is a Many Trousered Thing by Louise Rennison. As it is now out on paper back. Then I drove to Barb's house. Only I got lost and it took me about half an hour to find it again. Embarrassing. Barb wasn't home so I pretended I lived there and ran my birds through the wash while I read blogs on her computer and ate her Golden Grahams. Mmmmmm. Then she came how and we wandered about downtown and played with the baaaby. Thanks for the Starbucks Barb! Then I drove home, picked up Craig and sewed half my birds (the bluebirds). I also printed Mirtika's prints (pssst, need to email me your address still).

- Saturday.
Sewed birds and printed prints all day long. And I mean all day. Until 11:30 PM. Well the birds didn't take that long. Suggestion to all: don't buy Staples brand photo paper, it is crap. Their magnet paper however is better than Avery's by a long shot. Barb came by, abandoned her baby and went strawberry picking with her friends. Then we all went for ice cream at my aunt's new ice cream place. Very yummy.

- Today.
Woke up and found that I had made my first Etsy sale. Hurray! I wasn't even trying yet. As you might have noticed by my not mentioning my shop. Spent all day at an Art thing out at a local organic farm/greenhouse. I will write about it properly with photos on my other blog tomorrow but the gist is that I sold two birds, two magnetic paper dolls and a print. Also I got a sweeeeet sunburn. Very sexy. Then we went up the lake with my parents for a swim. Felt great on my burn. I honestly could have stayed in longer, goosebumps and all. And now I have collapsed at home. Phew.

- Coming soon. Still need to get two more doll designs and hopefully two more birds done before I put together my application to get into the Nelson Artisan Winter Carnival Fair Thingy. Also I have to have a floor plan of my booth. Yikes. I also have been working a lot on self promotion and portfolio is about ready so I need to do some e-mail mass promoting soon for my illustration work. I have four webpages still on the go and need to make price tags for Aunt Kathy still. Also...I have some art that wants drawing. So no napping yet!

By for now! XOXO