Friday, August 15, 2008


Check out these beautiful shots featuring the body painting work of ikie. I could just stare at them forever.

In other news I had a stressy day. I want to be in the Nelson winter artisan's market and I thought the application deadline was the end of the month. This morning I had a funny feeling so I checked and...yeah it's today. As in should be mailed to them before today. So I was pretty sad but I emailed them to see if they could make an exception and they emailed me back this evening saying that they do accept late entries, you just have to put down a bit more cash. So hooray! Big relief. I'll finish off my dolls and get the photos and application mailed of on Monday.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the states to go fabric shopping (yay!) to find some pretty prints to make a quilt style duvet cover. I hear rumours of Amy Butler and Heather Bailey...I'll be sure to share the prettiness when it is miiiine.