Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Belated Birthdays

Well I've been too busy to post. Busy moving into my new computer! If you're nerdy and want the specs I have them posted HERE. Otherwise I'll just tell you that it is a million times faster and bigger. And prettier, check it out:

After much angst it finally came on Monday while I was at work. Craig only beat the delivery guy to the house by 5 minutes. I've been spending all my spare hours installing and formatting and all that fun stuff. And I guess Monday was my birthday in disguise because I got another present too. Two of my friends from work got me a Magic Bullet. We spend a lot of time talking about food at work and they couldn't believe that I didn't have one. It's pretty cool, I've been enjoying my Magic Bullet smoothies :P.

So now that I can draw in high speed, you should see some art from me soon!