Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Tasty

The Good:
I got into the Nelson Winter Carnival Artisans Market (phew is that a mouthful)! I'm pretty excited as it will be my first real event to debut my new toy line that you've been witnessing the birth of. So if you are in Nelson on the weekend of Nov 28-30, stop by and say hi.

The Bad:
We've been given two months notice to find a new place to live. This makes me very cranky. I like our place. And we juuuust moved in! Also, I will be busy sewing for the craft fair, I have no time to pack! We have to be out by Nov 30th. That date ring a bell? Re-read the first paragraph. Oh that's right I'm screwed.

The Tasty:
Mom and Dad came up on Sunday to take me out for an early birthday dinner (my b-day is the 4th) and brought some garden bounty for me. I'm currently baking and freezing homemade fries. Part of my need to have lazy food while not buying prepackaged junk. I'm also making 4 little plum crostasas, one for desert and three to freeze. I need to do something with the rest of the plums too before the fruit flies eat them alive. Suggestions?

My computer is supposed to arrive soon. The tracking site says it arrived in town at 9:34am. It's 5:08. Where are you computer? UPS probably ran away with it...