Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Birthday

To me!

Tragically no computer yet. But lets not dwell on my crazy frustration. I did get a present from Jen (not my brother? we not even pretending anymore?) In the mail yesterday. She got me a picturebook with the mascots for the 2010 Olympics. The story is a a commercial as is to be expected (and bilingual of course :P) but the art is great. They had the good sense to hire a team that already makes cool kids books. Hooray for the Olympics!

My plans for today:
Hair Apt.
Work. (boooo)
Out for dinner.

Then tomorrow we're going over to Nelson for lunch and fun wanders.

Luckily I'm over the nasty 24 flu I had on Thurs. No one want fever chills for their b-day.

Well I'm off to become beautiful(er).