Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Inspiration: Paper Snowflakes

Well I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday in which I realized some things:

1) I hate my fake greenery. Because it's fake. Plastic makes me shudder.
2) My only working strings of lights are missing since the craft fair. I think they went to my parents.
3) The only decorations I still like are my tree ornaments.
4) I'm just not into spending money. Not on new lights, not on a tree. Not that I'm poor (well I am, but I could buy lights and a tree) but that I'm just tired of spending money.

But do not despair! I have started to figure something out. I'll share more tomorrow once my camera batteries are charged and my house is cleaner. I think it will include paper snowflakes. A lot of paper snowflakes. Because, dude, check out how pretty they can be:

Liquid Paper

Bhind Glass


Bugs and Fishes by Lupin