Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Update

Well we arrived home last night and let me tell you, I am so tired of being in a car. Soooo tiiiiired. So tired that I was a lazy bum all day. Mostly I just read on the couch. I wore pajamas all day. Anyway, here's a recap of my holidays:

Saturday: Worked and then had the Christmas party at my aunt's house. My parents, grandma and cousin's family were all there. As usual we ate waaaay to much amazing food (we do hor d'oeuvres...and we are all pretty serious about food, so it's pretty much my favourite meal all year). We trade names for gift giving, and my aunt got me the Rebar cookbook which I've been wanting (amazing lentil soup recipe). Barb (my cousin) made me a cute set of owls that spell out "welcome" have to decide where to put them...

Sunday: went to church and then work. Work is pretty chill this time of year.

Monday: Finished baking and packing. I've baked so much that I think I won't be eating cookies for at least a month. Pie on the other hand...

Tuesday: Drove to Victoria with the parents. It was a long drive. However, guess what we saw on the way there! A lynx! I have never seen one before, soooo cool!

Wednesday: we went shopping in the rain. Rain on top of a ton of snow? Not so fun. My parent's were finishing their Christmas shopping and I was in need of clothes. I scored big at Value Village (which is usually not at all the case) with a chunky cream cardigan, a chocolate brown velvety blazer, a cute cream knee length skirt, and most excitingly a killer brown and blue wrap dress. It is summer perfection. Too bad it's December... Anyway then we had a yummy Christmas Eve Fondue and Played Big Brain Academy on the Wii. My brain is pretty big but apparently my brother's is bigger. He will never let me forget it.

(Jen and Joel...their kitty loves cheese!)

Thursday: Christmas! I got some exciting gifts including a set of Nicole Bigg Earrings (that match a necklace I have...she is my all time favourite jewelry designer, and local!) from Craig, a bright orange pottery bowl I've been lusting after by a local artisan and an orange cast iron enameled baking dish from my parents. Erm, and tea, and Jen made me a yo-yo garland... all in all it was fantastic. I made eggnog french toast for breakfast and we had a yummy free range turkey dinner. Mmmmmm....

Friday: We went to the Bug Zoo...they have a ton of different bugs and very knowledgeable staff. I held a variety of stick insects and mantises. No cockroaches or centipedes though, there are limits to these things.

Then Jen and I stayed downtown and did some clothes shopping. I got a bunch of long sleeved t-shirts and a pair of wide leg plaidy dress pants. Which I need to remember to hem... I now don't hate my wardrobe! I've been very frugal in the clothes department but really...I only had one pair of casual pants, and all my long sleeved shirts had holes. We had a good girly afternoon including a Starbucks break (thanks to Tanya!)

Saturday: Saturday my parent's rented a van so that we could go up the coast to Port Renfrew.

Unfortunately we had underestimated the snow. Yeah it was impossible to make it near the park. We stopped at French Beach on the way back though, and I filled pockets with pretty rocks as is my habit.

Oh oh and Craig bought me a Momiji doll on the way back! I love her and she now lives by my computer.

We had a seafood dinner of steamed mussels (my cooking, steamed in white wine and herbs...mmm) and scallops and halibut (courtesy of my dad). So yummy.

Drove home. Foreeever. Okay seriously for about 13 hours.

Phew. Too much info? How did your holidays shape up?