Saturday, December 06, 2008

An Encouragement to Give

Everyone seems to be worried about money these days and unfortunately it seems that the food banks are ending up with more people who need them and less people who are supporting them this year. I just want to encourage you all to support those in your community and drop something in for the food bank this year. Even just buy an extra can of organic chickpeas (well that's what I would want if I were getting food :P) every time you go shopping for your family this year. I think we can all afford that much, and it can make a big difference if everyone tries to pitch in.

Here's my extra note for my Christian readers: I really do think that giving to our local charities is a huge calling from God. Jesus said that the most important things we can do is love God and love our neighbours. That trumps everything else. So as we're getting close to celebrating his birth, remember how we can share his love to those around us.

I made $500 last weekend. $50 of that is going to the food bank today. Soon actually, I should go pretty quick.

Okay, are you guys motivated? Is there anything you are doing to help those in need this year?