Sunday, December 21, 2008

Living Room

I finally took some pictures of the living room. Not sure why, it's certainly not going to win any style awards. If anyone wants to donated a couple couches that are NOT BLUE that would be cool. At least these are comfy.

The mobile over the TV usually has photos but is featuring some Christmas ornaments at the moment. The above couch art collage is my favourite thing right now. There are more ornaments tucked in amongst the frames.

Christmas...erm...vase tree? in the corner with presents. Note the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Yes that's canned beets. All the bookcases (6 of them) in the house have canning on the bottom shelf. I have no pantry. There's some on the ledge in the bathroom too. That's not normal is it..

My computer, by the kitchen counter. Correction, my computers. The new one will get dropped off on Tuesday on our way to Victoria.

Craig's computer. Craig would like a new chair for Christmas. Too bad he didn't mention that a couple weeks ago. And that I already have his b-day gift. He does need a new chair though. And a desk. Man our living room furniture is pathetic, all the other rooms have cute stuff, I don't know what happened here...

Please note the stars on the kitchen passthrough. They make me happy.