Saturday, January 10, 2009

Linky Love

Sharing time:

1) Sir Freelancalot t-shirt. Sooooo amusing. By The Chop Shop.

2)Check out Goosegrease (and if you are me have a quiet chuckle at the name). Deeelightful wooden figures. Including these handpainted custom wedding cake toppers...I totally would have had a topper for my cake if I had found ones this cute. Maybe I should just get some to hang out on my shelf...

3)Fiona has made another beautiful product for Cartolina Cards, these are recycled notebooks, and aren't the gorgeous? Hop over to her blog now, she's doing a giveaway!

4)Love this photo showing off textiles by Leanne Culy of Home Base Fashions makes me wish for summer to return.

5)Adorable illustration (fat! bird!) by Simona Cordero.