Friday, January 02, 2009

A Year in Pictures

I apparently took no photos in January...This was my favourite bit of art:

Also took no photos in February. Not sure why. Here's my favourite art:


Favourite Photo (from Steve and Holly's wedding)

Favourite Art:

Favourite Photo (and favourite craft?):

Favourite Art:

Favourite Photo (May had too many to choose from! I had many adventures in May in Victoria, and the Wildlife Centre...pickling asparagus...):
Baby bunnies on the UVIC campus

Baby bunnies on the UVIC campus

Didn't finish any art in May, was too busy having adventures, moving...that sort of thing.

Favourite Photo (another hard choice after all the fun in Portland and hikes in the Kootenays, this is from the Portland Chinese Garden)

Favourite Art:

Favourite Photo (Fry Creek Canyon):

Favourite Art:


Favourite Photo (August was spent a lot in the garden):

Favourite Art (hard choice! I was prolific in August):


Favourite Photo (obviously I didn't get out much in September...this is of our new place...a couple days before we learned we would have to move again :():

Favourite Art (well not my favourite...but I can't show you the pic I did till next month):

Favourite Photo (what a beautiful fall we had this year!)

Favourite Art (this is the point where I stopped drawing and poured all my effort into sewing):

Favourite Photo (My custom printed fabric):

Favourite Art (how can I choose between them?):

Favourite Photo (French Beach, Vancouver Island):

Favourite Art:

Phew, I did a lot last year! Hope I didn't crash your computer with all the images :P I can't wait to get my computer back and get into my art and design life again.