Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hanky Panky

So on Tuesday I had an urge to make a set of hankies. Tired of using kleenex. Tired of paying for it, tired of the wastefulness, tired of getting snot on my hand (should this post have come with an "eew" warning? consider yourself warned.).

I chose prewashed flannelette. Because I had some around the house and figured it would be soft. Because that is what I like about kleenex. I'm a big "Puffs with Lotion" fan.

Anyway I cut the squares to 9x9 and serged the edges. I'm not going for pretty here, it's more for the practical. Although they are kinda pretty. This ended up with a square the same size as a kleenex.

Then I folded them in an interlocking manner to see if they would pull nicely out of a kleenex box. And they do, but there's a good chance of getting more than one at a time because the flannelette is so sticky. I might use a little basket for them instead. Once used they go in a bucket under the sink to get thrown in the wash later.

Little did I know that I would become brutally sick and need them just a few hours later.

Good times.

But at least I got to test them thoroughly for you. And here's my thoughts on the matter:

- Flannelette was an excellent choice. They are soft. Even when you have started to lose a bit of skin off the bottom of your nose after being sick for days, (sorry, I gave the "eew" warning...) they are still soft. I know that some people use recycled toilet paper or old napkins in an effort to be eco-friendly and I just have to say...owey.

- I need more than 14. At least double that.

- They are great for me for work. I can't carry a box of kleenex around with me on deck. So a hanky in the pocket is better. And if you say ew, I will tell you that I was carrying a kleenex around before. Which is more ew. You just fold the hanky back up and no goobers can escape.

- The flannelette is thick enough that it never soaks through, which means you can use it more times before switching. Again, I hate this about kleenex, I hate the goobery fingers you can get sometimes. Shudder.

- Yes there is the matter of washing them. But seriously, it's such a small amount. Just chuck them in with the towels and use the hot setting if you're a germaphobe. It's no extra work.

Anyway, that's today's overshare. Kait probably thinks I'm cool and Barb is trying not to shudder.