Thursday, June 04, 2009

Linky Love!

Since I started using Bloglines, I've been saving lots of stuff into my clippings folder. And hoarding it apparently because I keep forgeting to share! But here's some linky love for you all today :)

5 DIY inspirations for the crafty among us. Mostly from Design Sponge it would seem...I love that blog.

1) Before and After of an amazingly cute table. I love this idea. Maybe because I still can never remember where how to set a table properly.

2)Amaaazing play garden by Ikat Bag (who makes the coolest toys ever for her kids, the whole blog is fun)

3)The Green Space Travel Case. Okay so I wouldn't make this...but it made me laugh.

4)Thrift Store Artwork. I'm so doing this. This weekend. I've been eyeing a painting in the thrift store for a while but hated the frame....It will be excellent.

5) Custom Etched Jars. I'm doing this at some point too. Because it's cute, and I like jars. Also etching is fun.