Saturday, June 06, 2009

Summer Movies

Can you tell I saw Up last night?

So the long winter of crappy movies is behind us (well, except the new Bond...and Benjamin Button...but that was moooonths ago) and summer movie fun has come, I thought I'd give you a quick review of what we've seen so far. Because you care, remember?

Star Trek
Alright, this movie was good fun for everyone, trekkie or otherwise. It had the unfortunate side effect in my house of Craig finding out that I know more about Star Trek than anticipated. Yes, yes my inner nerd showed up again. Anyway it's a fun action movie that takes place when Kirk and Spock and all those guys were young. You can spot the nerds in the crowd because while everyone else is saying "wow, who know Star Trek could be fun?" we are going "aaah, they used the time travel to make a new dimension so that these movies can be different from the canon!". Yeah.

The kid who plays Kirk? Excellent. Very like you would think a young Kirk would be like...without seeming to be pretending to be William Shatner. Not an easy task as he has to be one of the most spoofed characters of all time.

Kinda seemed strange that all the crew members would join the Enterprise in a matter of days though...(quiet, inner nerd!)

Oh oh, and the retro vibe was amusing, although it all seemed a bit too...shiny. But the mini skirts, go go boots and afros made me giggle a lot.

Also I kept expecting Spock to kill people and eat their brains for power. Turns out that didn't happen.

Terminator Salvation
Yet another nerd moment. As it happens I love the Terminator movies. Don't know why. So I was pretty pumped to go. As we were waiting in line I said "so this will be cool because we'll get to meet John Connor's father before he sends him back in time to protect his mother!" And Craig gave me that look again. Then we went in and I saw that there were many guys there by themselves. Yes, I dragged my husband (well dragged is a bit strong...but it was all my idea) to a movie that guys go see alone...
Anyway, the reviews weren't fantastic but it gets much love from me. The effects were fantastic...aaaand it has Christian Bale! As well as this guy, who is also hot. The plot wasn't crazily deep or twisty, but it's an action movie people! What do you expect. I loved the little biker terminators that come off the big fat terminator.

I do not love the little eel terminators that lurk in water...eeeew. No love for them!

Oh Pixar, how do you keep making such great movies? Also, who thinks them up? Seriously. This movie is about a crotchety old man who is sad and lonely because his wife has died, then a fat little kid starts annoying him. Then he decides to fly his house to South Africa. Also there are talking dogs. And an epic battle between two very elderly men.

Seriously, how do you pitch that movie?

It was sooo good. Very emotional at times. Very hilarious. And very very magical. I mean, the house flies...with balloons! Balloons!

On another note every time I see a new Pixar movie I am amazed at the leaps they have taken in animation. They manage to keep the best things about old school animation (interesting character design and stylizations) and mix in the best strengths of CG (amaaazing textures for one). Every detail in this movie is perfect and interesting. Especially the house and all it's furniture and nic nacs.

Mom and Dad, make sure you see it when it comes into town, you will looove the talking dogs.

So there you have it. Now you know all my dark nerdy secrets, and the shameful fact that I really get bored by most "artistic" movies. I missed the new X-men movie, tragically, and am eagerly awaiting Transformers 2 and the newest Harry Potter later this summer.

How bout you guys? Got any recommendations for me? What are you looking forwards to this summer?