Monday, July 20, 2009

Perfect Summer Day

Thanks for all your well wishes! I am feeling somewhat better this week, I've just given in to sleeping like a teenage boy (ten hours a night? Check. Plus naps? Check.) And I'm still somewhat nauseus but it's managable for the most part. For those who asked I am tenatively due Feb 14, I'll have a closer estimate after my next midwife's appointment.

Today was a good day. I taught Aquafit this morning (which cut into my 10 hours of sleep, but what can you do?) then Craig picked me up and we went to my favourite coffee/bagel shop for breakfast. Poked around the car lots for a bit (yeah the 2 door 93 Grand Am is just not going to cut it as a family car) and then went up the valley. I had heard of a great place to by meat and when I called ahead they said they weren't really open but what the heck, come over anyway. So we drove over in the sunshine, had a look (the butcher proudly showed me his hanging sides of beef in the cold room) and bought some excellent looking packages of sausage (because summer is all about grilled sausage in my books). We also stopped at a health food store for a bit and got some apples (no stores seem to have local galas anymore...too late in the season, so I was excited to pick some up) and some line caught fish fillets.

Then we went swimming in the river. Such a perfect day for it, it's very hot out and the river was just perfectly refreshing, not too cold. It's the beach I walked to everyday all summer for two years so it was fun to share it with Craig. He has decided we need to pick up some tubes to optimize the floating experience. We then stopped in a little deli and picked up some eggs and spinach (naturally) and had lunch...I think it was 2ish, but hey. I had some great russian bortsh which is a local specialty around here. Very yummy. And then home to our nice cool basement suite to take a nap. Sooo nice.

Maybe I'll take another no, must have dinner. See you all later, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer!