Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where have I been this month?

Did you notice that I turned into the worst blogger ever? I have been plagued with blogger guilt. So what have been doing?

Sleeping. Puking. Sleeping. Often working. Then sleeping again.

No I'm not dying, I'm 9 weeks pregnant! And it turns out growing a baby is hard work. Seriously, I almost stopped typing just now to go lie down again but I managed to pull myself together.

If I were a cool kid I would wait another three weeks to out myself, but our ultrasound yesterday looked great (little pulsing lima bean) and I really am not that into keeping now you know.

I haven't been drawing much lately but I am almost finished that paper mobile I started months ago... I'm hoping that my energy levels (and appetite) will return to normal next month. We shall see! But really I still love you all, and I will try to post more to um...keep you posted?