Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh the internets...

I am home, did I say that I was going away? I spent a week at my parents, raiding their garden and making lots and lots of soup for this winter. Mmmmm. I also had a great girly shopping day down in the States with my mom where I picked up nearly all the maternity clothes I need (still not sure what to do about a winter coat) and some sweet fabric, including a great flannel to back the baby's quilt. It was all good times, but I missed my Craig and it's good to be home. I'll post some Creston photos tomorrow, but in the meantime here's some fun things to share today.

Fun new blog: Blonde Designs
I am so inspired. I need a party to plan, anyone?

So my husband's ancestors were Vikings (okay, he says they were actually fishermen...but surely they did a little pillaging in their spare time.) and I think the baby should be in touch with his/her heritage. Thus we obviously need Viking Plushies, am I right? For the baby. Although Craig says he wants the Drakkar Boat Pillow for himself. They also have Templer Knights, and merpeople...oh and angels. At Herzanart.

Of course it might be a girl (although I am sure girls need Viking Toys as well) in which case, is this not the sweetest baby girl headband on earth? by Lou and Lee.

On a non child friendly note, I'm pretty sure my brother should get these. Or the ninja in your life: Ninja Star Coat Hooks

And finally, I want to make robot cookies. With the Williams-Sonoma twist and press cookie cutter. Because then I can make aaaaall sorts of roboty deliciousness. Mmmmmm.