Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer Movies Part Two

So we did take in a few more summer blockbusters this summer. Craig kept saying that we had to go to the movies now while we still can. We did not make it out to see GI Joe (tragic, because it looked like a masterpiece), And I think Craig has given up on making me see District 9. Which is doubtless great, I'm just not in the mood right now.


Ah Transformers. Craig felt this one was better than the first one. I think I preferred the first one but this was still a good movie. Pretty much, if you like the first movie, you'll like the second. Although it apparently wouldn't hurt to re watch the first movie because when they reintroduced a couple of the characters I had no idea who they were. That could just be me.

The effects were fantastic, my favourite part was the transformer fight in the forest which was very fun and just pretty amazing cg work. Lots of things to dodge around, many many objects that they had to render onto reflective surfaces...I was impressed. It was also pretty funny, just good action movie fun. I would only have two down points: 1)I think we could have had more of the soldiers and a bit less of the kid. The soldiers were cooler. And funnier. 2)All the guys in the world will be against me on this one but seriously...Megan Fox? I mean I'm sure she can act (well maybe...I'm just giving her the benefit of the doubt here) but it's like she got the script and they had a conversation like this:

Megan Fox: So what is my character like?
Micheal Bay: Well she's hot.
Fox: So in this scene, is she sad?
Bay: Nope, she's hot.
Fox: Okay in this scene she must be scared right, can I act scared?
Bay: (checks script) uh no, in this scene just focus on being really hot.

Seriously. She doesn't even get to be funny. Everyone else gets funny lines. Her purpose is just hotness. It made me crazy.

Harry Potter...6?

If you have seen all the other Harry Potter movies and read all the books then you know how it goes. The movie was fun, the effects and sets were great...the book was far more amusing. But that's just how it is. I find that the movies never capture how funny a ton of the characters are in the books. Also I felt that the way they spun Ginny and Harry's relationship lacked the...depth again that the book had. But seriously, again, that's just how it goes and it was a good movie.

Apparently they are splitting the last book into two movies. I just have to say that I think that's a terrible idea as the first half of the last book was super depressing and took forever to get through. But I'm sure they have a plan for that.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Now in this case I haven't read the book. Also I didn't take Craig, I went with a girlfriend. Craig was sad. I said that he didn't want to go anyway and he said that he did...he just wanted to go to District 9 first. Which I was not in the mood for. Leaving us at an impasse. Seriously though, sometimes you need a girl night at the movies. Anyway, people say the book is way better. I assume it is, they nearly always are, but this is still a great movie.

Also a sad one, it's bittersweet from the start to the finish and if you are a cryer you should take a hankie. I was worried that I might turn out to be a cryer, what with the hormones and all but thankfully I was my normal dry eyed self. I prefer to cry in the comfort of my living room which I will doubtless do when I buy the DVD. Because I am totally buying it.

It's not a depressing movie though, don't get me wrong. It's very lovely and really well acted. I enjoyed everything about it. Definitely the best drama I've seen in ages.

I went to the library to get the book out and found that I was 9th in line. Not shocking I suppose. I may end up just buying it because I do kinda want to read it before Christmas.

That is all from me today, what movies did you like best this summer?