Friday, August 28, 2009

Quilt plotting

So I'm planning the baby's quilt (because it's easier than cleaning the house?). I'm planning on using a natural unbleached cotton as the base colour and then random circles of bright coloured prints scattered on it. My theory is to have 15x15 inch squares, but to have each have a different sized circle placed in a different spot. Controlled chaos. Much like life (maybe calling life controlled is asking for it though).

Ignoring the fabrics, which are random and not necessarily what I have on hand, this is the idea. I'm going to use this tutorial for circle piecing: Easy Pieced Curves and I'm thinking I'll machine stitch in the ditch and hand quilt around the circles. Also I'm not going to bind it, as I'm lazy like that. I'm going to sew it up three sides inside out and flip it. Like I did with this one


- I am on vacation for two weeks! Woot!
- I am freezing lots of fresh fruit this week.
- I need some new books to read.
- My car has signal lights again. Finally. Kind of takes the excitment out of driving though.
- I'm still sick sometimes. But not all the time. Everytime I say I'm past it I vomit or get a migraine or something. So clearly I should stop saying that.