Tuesday, November 17, 2009

25 Weeks

Although technically this photo is from 24 weeks, I was just lazy about uploading it.

In the spirit of Loobylu, here's what's hot and what's not this week.

What's Hot:
- My baby wiggles like a crazy thing (I refer to it as my mini ninja...partly because I'm playing Mini Ninjas...excellently fun) but doesn't kick me in a painful way. It's very amusing.
- Golden Grahams...mmmmmm
- Finding new jeans for $8. Especially good as my borrowed maternity jeans were becoming painful.
- Fiona's open house! So fun. She has some awesome Christmas Cards this year...I'll post some up for you guys later.
- Stareos

What's Not:
- Heartburn! Good night I am going through milk. I've actually started buying it in 4 ltr jugs. Which is something, as I'm lactose intolerant.
- Work. Or rather being pregnant at work. I'm considering early mat leave. My body is not a fan of the standing, or the picking things up off the ground, or the yelling, or the just plain being busy for 7 hours straight.
- Packing. Every time we move we like to let things sit around in hopes that this time the little packing fairies will come help us out. Maybe this time...

What's Hot and what's Not in your world?