Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seriously, six days till Christmas?

Sorry for being so neglecting of you all this week. Here's a couple pictures of recent wanderings and an update. We do have snow by the way, just not tons. And it's currently raining on what we do have...which is somewhat less pretty.

- Last night I made caramel that didn't set, came up with a time consuming gift wrap idea that I didn't like in the end aaaand found out that the toilet is clogged and the plunger MIA. Nice.

- My Christmas tree is very pretty. It's also behind Craig's computer chair. Thus it is tied to the ceiling.

- I start getting company tomorrow and my house is at least 80% organized/clean. I feel pretty good about this!

- I am very excited to see my siblings and everyone and to give them my presents and just hang out! Wish I could be excited for food though, I love food soooo much and am just so very frustrated lately with trying to eat. If I eat more than two cookies at a time I may throw up. Love it. I miss my digestive system big time (and it wasn't that great to start with). Sorry for the whininess but...I just want to eat normally!

- I am still drawing tons, I just can't share it with you guys. But it is fun and keeps me feeling productive.

- Baby is still happily romping around. Sometimes I feel kicks in places that I swear can't be right, I mean how far to the sides does my uterus actually extend? Sometimes when I'm drawing, the baby likes to snuggle up under my ribs. There is not room for a baby there. Craig is getting used to me just laughing at random...or sharply exlaiming "urg!".