Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogroll: Artblogs

Since I've been using a RSS reader, my blogroll on the sidebar hasn't been updated in ages, and some people have been wondering what I've been reading lately. Well I read way too many blogs to include in one post, so here's a start.

These are the art blogs I enjoy. As a warning, most of these artists only update when they draw, so they aren't great for a daily fix (I get my daily art fix through deviantart). This is why I like having a reader, so that I don't have to physically check all the time. Oh, and as a warning, some of them will have tasteful nudity...because that's how art blogs are.

Adelaida: Really sweet watercolour artist
A Latte a Day: Digital illustration. Maggie you need to update more!
Bao: Gorgeous digital fantasy art.
Dani's World: Digital art, mostly girls
Into a Fairytale: adorable digital and watercolour, lots of little fat characters.
Jason Chan Art: Digital fantasy art and character design
Jessica Rae Gordon: My high school buddy! Does super fun collage style illustration and needs to update more!
Linzie Hunter: digital illustration and hand lettering, very fun.
Lisa Tao: mostly digital, mostly girls...some very cute stuff.
Loish Sketchblog Love! I've been a fan of her art for like...6 years?

Lorena Alvarez: also love! Fun, colourful illustrations and amazing hand embroidered plushies
Makenzie Art: Mostly traditional media, cute monsters.
Marta's Room: amazing fantasy art, not updated very often.
Orange You Lucky: Illustration and patterns. Very fun style and she blogs really regularly.

Paint Layers: Romance book covers, strange to include I know, but he's fantastic
Robbvision: cute detailed kids illustration
Sarah Dungan: Such a fun style, lots of steampunk and robots.
She Sure is Sketchy: Illustration and some pattern design, she updates regularly.
The brain farts of Steph Laberis: Digital illustrations, fun animals and characters.