Thursday, January 14, 2010

33 Weeks

Good night, I am getting kind of huge over here! Here's some thoughts at 33(and a half) weeks.

- People regularly ask me if I'm ready or not. I say both. I am soooo ready to not be pregnant anymore...but so not ready for the actual baby. I've got stuff to do!

- Speaking of which, we're finally starting the Nursery. It's about 2/3 painted. It is taking forever because I am not so energetic and Craig thinks painting is torture. So we do it in little bits. Also, baseboards aren't as easy to paint as they once were.

- Still puking. If you were wondering. Not all the time but about...once a week? Depends on the week. I went to the midwife today and she seemed vaguely concerned (there are three midwives at my clinic and they take turns seeing me, I hadn't met this one yet) and wondered why I wasn't on Dicletin. And that would be because a)No one was super worried as I've been gaining weight fine and all my tests are normal b)We've been having fun times with our health care as there has been a lot of job switcharoos over here and it costs around $100 a week! c)The main ingredient is vitamin b. So we thought it would be fine to just try a vitamin b supplement. 10 minutes after taking it I vomited all over the living room. No Dicletin for me, thanks. And that's officially more than you wanted to know.

- My pelvis is happier now that I'm swimming 3 times a week and trying to sit properly. Waaaay better. Craig hardly ever calls me a penguin now when I'm walking.

- I am measuring normal and good and the baby is in "a very favourable position" as of today, which is nice as s/he was postirier last appointment. I also lost 3 lbs since two weeks ago. I would be worried, but I had gained 10 in three weeks last time all evens out in the end. And as you can see I'm not exactly wasting away over here.

- And finally, here's my pregnant pet peeve (I should stop telling you guys my pet peeves as people who read my blog have taken to making me crazy with them). If you would recall, we were not able to find out the gender of the baby through the ultrasound. We would have liked to know (because I'm an overplanner) but not enough to pay $200 and drive 4 hours to get a 3D ultrasound done (because I am cheap). I have this exact conversation every other day:

Random Well-Meaning Person: So do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
Me: No
RWMP: Isn't it so much nicer than way?
Me: Actually I wanted to know, but they wouldn't tell me.
RWMP: (as if I haven't spoken) Isn't it nice to have a surprise? There are so few surprises in life.

Everyone tells me this, that there are so few surprises in life. Everyone. Well I have to agree that there aren't any surprises in these conversations. However, seriously, is everyone's life so boring? My life has surprises. I honestly hardly ever know what's going to happen next. I tell people that I've never pushed a baby out before and I'm pretty sure that will be surprising no matter what.

It's not that I mind not knowing. I just get annoyed with everyone telling me that I'm happier this way. I'll let you know when I'm happier this way!

Sorry about that...I should go find some chocolate...after all I lost 3 pounds...